Family Fun Beach

The sea on your doorstep

Hotel Torino accompanies you right down to the sea.
Don't interrupt the fun, take it to the beach with you!

the most beautiful castles

The children's sea

Professional entertainment at various times throughout the day.
A beach with lots of facilities and a sea that’s easily accessible.
Sloping shoreline, fine sand and reefs that protect the beach against strong sea currents.
A perfect beach for fun.

The sand of the Riviera of Romagna.
To build castles with your most beautiful memories.

Hotel Torino Cesenatico

Family Fun Beach

Family-friendly Beach

Hotel Torino welcomes you in total safety and accompanies you right down to the beach.

In July and August, right in the very heart of the town’s pedestrian zone. You can walk from the promenade to the canal harbour, as though it were a single large town centre. And just a stone’s throw from the hotel, you’ll be able to sink your feet into the finest sand on the Riviera.
On the beach, at the bathing establishment we have a special agreement with, the comfort of the hotel continues. This is the beach you were looking for.